Goode Family Student Emergency Fund | HCC

Goode Family Student Emergency Fund

Established by longtime HCC supporters, the late Dr. Lyndon and Shelia Goode, the Goode Family Student Emergency Fund was established in 2018 in honor of the inauguration of Dr. Alissa Young as the sixth president of Hopkinsville Community College (HCC). The goal of the Goode Family Student Emergency Fund, held by the HCC Foundation, is to provide financial assistance to students in good standing with Hopkinsville Community College who need immediate and temporary support.

Consideration shall be for students who, without such support, would be in jeopardy to continue college study uninterrupted. Support/Funds will be granted to students with demonstrable immediate and critical needs including food, shelter, medicine, health care, transportation costs, safety needs, travel costs related to death/illness in the immediate (parent, child, sibling) family, school supplies and other appropriate necessities. Students applying for assistance must provide proof of hardship via documentation. For example, if the student has suffered loss through a fire, tornado, flood, etc., photographs or other verifiable information must be included with the application.

The intent of these grants is to assist HCC students who are pursuing at least 6 credit hours currently in courses offered by HCC, have a GPA of at least 2.0, and are in a credential seeking program. The Emergency Fund Committee of the college is appointed by the college president and reviews all requests for assistance.  There is no expectation of repayment – however all students are required to write a thank you note to the HCC Foundation upon receipt of assistance.

Students in need should reach out to an HCC faculty or staff member to initiate the application process. The goal is to provide a response to the request within 48 hours. 

Gifts may be made to support HCC’s Goode Family Student Emergency Fund by emailing Yvette Eastham or calling (270) 707-3731.