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What types of scholarships are available?

Hopkinsville Community College is dedicated to providing a diverse selection of institutional (college) scholarships based on academic performance, academic program as well as donor-requested criteria (such as single parents, GED recipients, agricultural technology/education/communications majors). Many of these institutional (college) scholarships are funded by generous donors to the college. The scholarship committee works to match applicants to the appropriate scholarship and then makes awards. We strongly encourage you to apply for other external scholarships as well. Check with your high school guidance counselor for opportunities. To be considered for one of HCC's Academic Scholarships, please complete and submit an HCC Academic Scholarship application.

How to Apply- Scholarship Eligibility Procedure

Please read the following information carefully. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  All applicants for academic scholarships must:

1. First, submit, or have on file, an application for admission to Hopkinsville Community College.

2. Submit the FAFSA including HCC’s school code (001994). COMPLETE THE FAFSA ASAP if you have not already. Scholarship deadline is March 15.

3. Complete carefully all parts of this academic scholarship application.

4. Take the American College Test (ACT) (high school students only). Submit the ACT scores or placement test scores to the admissions office.

5. Submit a copy of a high school transcript and college transcript if applicable. Official copy must be submitted to the admissions office and a copy must be included with the scholarship application. Applicant must be a high school graduate by the Fall semester of the current year.

6. A minimum 2.5 GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) is required.

7. Student must be enrolled at full-time status. (*some part-time scholarships may be available).

8. Have the appropriate school official complete the last part of this application (high school students only).

For more information contact Financial Aid: Phone - (270) 707-3833; or email at

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Current Scholarships Available: 

  • Henry & George Lilly Scholarship– The Lilly bequest provides opportunity for scholarships to students showing academic promise.
  • Fred & Wendy Anderson Scholarship– Scholarships are available to students with the potential for academic excellence.
  • Lloyd W. Booker Memorial Scholarship– Scholarships with the priority given to students from Montgomery, Stewart and Robertson counties in Tennessee. Need based only.
  • Billy & Kathleen Burke Memorial Scholarship– This scholarship is for students from Trigg County, Kentucky enrolling in agriculture technology and agriculture related programs.
  • Carmichael Fels/William T. Williams Scholarship– Students enrolling/pursuing programs/degrees in economics or agriculture.
  • Frances Breathitt Memorial Scholarship– Open to any student with the potential for academic success
  • HCC Student Memorial Scholarship– Open to students with the potential for academic excellence. 
  • Lyndon Goode Nursing & Allied Health Scholarship– Open to students enrolled in nursing and/or allied health programs.
  • Mary Spangler Kennedy Scholarship– Targeted to students in phlebotomy courses; open to allied health students. This scholarship will expire upon depletion of the corpus. 
  • Jesse Keith Memorial Scholarship– Open to students showing academic promise
  • KCA Corporation Scholarship– This gift from Fred and Wendy Anderson targets scholarships to GED recipients and/or single parents.
  • David Riley Servant’s Heart Scholarship– Scholarship is targeted to students transferring to the University of Kentucky with an academic major, significant community involvement and service and the potential for academic achievement.
  • Clara Wheeler Memorial Scholarship–Open to all academically eligible students
  • Sam Miles Textbook Scholarship-$500 scholarship per semester to students completing the HCC 
  • Pioneers, Inc. Scholarship–Open to students traditionally underrepresented in higher education who reside in the HCC service district who demonstrate academic achievement potential.
  • Kentucky Retired Teachers Association Scholarship– annually awarded to a student pursuing a career in teaching, with declared teaching major and transferring to senior institution. 
  • Kentucky Colonels Better Life Scholarship- KCTCS Kentucky Colonels Better Life Scholarship. Unmet financial need, GPA 2.0 +, KY resident, Enrolled 12 + credit hours, Enrolled in associate degree program, Must be a single working parent with one or more children under age 12, Award must be approved by KCTCS each semester.
  • Johns T. Smith Scholarship- African-American Kentucky students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Full time students with a GPA of 2.5 or better. Notification letter in May.
  • President’s Scholarship– The Presidential Scholarship goes to students at HCC who have outstanding academic performance and unmet financial need.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship– Top 10% in high school class; Kentucky resident; may be awarded second year with a 3.0 GPA and 24 hours. May be used for all expenses. 
  • Atwood and Sam Miles Textbook Scholarship- $500 scholarship per semester to students completing the HCC Textbook Scholarship application, a separate application from the academic scholarship. Awarded each semester and requires application each semester. Deadline is typically in July for the academic year. Consult the website for specific information. Applications reviewed by HCC Foundation Textbook Scholarship Committee. Call the HCC Advancement Office for additional information at (270) 707-3733.
  • Billie Lee Cayce Scholarship– $500 scholarship per semester to nontraditional age students who are single parents, pursuing a degree in nursing. 
  • Cadiz Rotary Scholarship– $500 scholarship per semester, available to all graduates of Trigg County High School. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA. 
  • Hopkinsville Rotary Scholarship– Students must be a graduate of any high school in Christian County and satisfy the requirements of the Hopkinsville Rotary Scholars program.
  • Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES)- This state program awards scholarships to Kentucky students who earn a 2.5 GPA or higher in high school.

Please note the following:

1. The priority deadline will not change you must have a completed scholarship application including documentation by March 15
2. If you have a technical/computer issues with the application you should contact technical support.
3. Once the application has been submitted NO CHANGES can be made. A scholarship file is not considered complete until all required documents has been submitted.
4. Only students that will be receiving scholarships are contacted. If you do not receive a scholarship award notice from the Financial Aid Office, you have not been awarded. A denial letter will not be sent to you because your application will remain active for the academic year.
5. All students - including current year scholarship recipients - must submit a scholarship application each academic year to receive an HCC scholarship


There are many websites available to students with useful scholarship information. Visit the following websites to search for scholarship opportunities.

Local/Regional Scholarship Programs