Inclement Weather Policies | HCC

Inclement Weather Policies

Hopkinsville Community College Weather Hotline

Please check HCC Facebook or call (270) 707-3701. There should also be a message on the HCC home page.

When the weather is bad...

Hopkinsville Community College expects to remain open and conduct on- and off-campus classes according to the regular schedule. Even if public schools are closed, HCC will likely remain open. You should plan accordingly. Fort Campbell will follow the same schedule as the Hopkinsville Campus unless the military base is closed to public access by base officials. Classes held at public school sites will follow the closing schedules for those sites. Students, faculty, and staff should take normal precautions regarding their ability to travel safely to their college location.

Where to get information on delays and closings

Weather-related closings and delays are prominently announced on the college's website. Normally, a decision on a closing or delay will be made before 6 am and posted on the site shortly thereafter. If weather conditions are changing, you are encouraged to check back frequently for updates. You can also call HCC's weather hotline at (270) 707-3701, 24-hours a day. If possible, students, faculty, and staff will be notified of delays or closings via email, SNAP messaging, and faculty Blackboard sites. Information will also be communicated to the following media outlets: WKAG television Hopkinsville, WHOP radio Hopkinsville, WKDZ radio Hopkinsville and WVVR radio Clarksville. NOTE: HCC announcements via the HCC webpage, weather hotline or SNAP text messages will offer the most concise and up to the minute information available.

With inclement weather, the following actions may occur

Hold classes as normal

This action is taken when hazardous conditions exist in one section of the service area, but do not affect the entire area. A cancellation of class when some students are able to attend while others cannot is not considered to be fair policy. When hazardous driving conditions do exist in a portion of the service area, students who are unable to attend class because of those conditions will follow the inclement weather/missed work and exams policy stated on their instructor's syllabus. They will have an opportunity to make up any missed exams. The instructor's inclement weather policy will not be punitive and will provide for make-up of work missed where possible, recognizing that some activities such as labs are not easily set up again. If individual faculty are unable to drive to their campus under this action, the faculty member will be responsible for contacting their students via phone or email and faculty Blackboard site to notify their students of course cancellation.NOTE: If there is no alert on the HCC website, classes are operating on a normal schedule. Check back frequently for updates if conditions worsen.

Delayed Start

This course of action will be taken after a storm that makes early morning driving conditions hazardous, but when there is an indication that road crews will have conditions under control by mid-morning. Under the delayed start schedule, classes will begin according to the following times:

  • Hopkinsville and Fort Campbell Campuses
    All classes beginning after 10:45 AM will meet.
  • High School Campuses
    Classes follow public school closings or delays
  • Staff
    All staff should report at 10 AM.  Any staff member unable to report should turn in vacation paperwork.

Classes Canceled

This action is reserved for hazardous conditions that have developed overnight or continue to develop during the morning, showing no signs of stopping. If the hazardous conditions continue, a decision concerning the cancellation of evening classes will be made by 3 PM. The cancellation of day classes does not imply the cancellation of evening classes. These are two separate actions. Students should check with their instructor to determine how the missed course material will be covered.

Road Condition Information