KCTCS BankMobile Disbursements Refund Program | HCC

KCTCS BankMobile Disbursements

KCTCS has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your refund. BankMobile is committed to: delivering 100% of your refund, keeping your data secure, allowing you to change refund preferences at any time, provide you with clear choices and offering great customer service.

What you need to do

Look for a refund selection kit that will arrive in a bright green envelope containing a personal code. This code will be mailed to your current address listed on your student record upon enrolling in at least 3 credit hours (certain restrictions apply). It is important that you make sure your address is current in our Admissions & Records Office. Upon receipt you'll need to use the personal code and choose your refund preference following the directions received. Once the personal code is activated, you will get your refund by your chosen method (a BankMobile Vibe account is one of the methods) once the refund is processed by the college. Even if you do not anticipate a refund, DO NOT THROW YOUR PERSONAL CODE AWAY....you will want to set up your preference for future refunds.

Have additional questions?

Visit RefundSelection.com