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Campus Sites

Many Locations for Your Convenience

Hopkinsville Community College offers classes at two campuses, one in Hopkinsville and one on the Fort Campbell Army Base and a variety of off-campus locations.

  • HCC's Hopkinsville Campus
    720 North Drive, Hopkinsville, KY 42241

    Hopkinsville Community College's Hopkinsville Campus is located on the north side of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The campus's well-manicured grounds make an ideal setting for outdoor studying. One of the campus's most notable features is the serene Round Table Park located on the wooded northeast portion of the grounds. The park is themed on, and depicts, many memorable aspects from the King Arthur legends.

    The Hopkinsville Campus consists of eight buildings, a park and a map of the campus can be found under Parking and Transportation.

  • HCC's Fort Campbell Campus
    H. English Army Education Center, 202 Bastogne Ave., Fort Campbell, KY 42223

    The Fort Campbell Campus is a dynamic and unique extended campus that maintains a different registration schedule than the Hopkinsville Campus. The Fort Campbell Campus offers five 8-week terms throughout the year: January, March, May, August, and October.

Off-campus locations: