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Apprentice Opportunities

Learn about the apprenticeship opportunities available at HCC. You can get job training while earning a good income and receive the classroom instruction you need to succeed.

What Are Apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is a work-and-learn experience which allows you to go to school and work for a local employer at the same time - directly applying your education in a real-world setting.

Programs range from one to six years, depending on the employer's needs and requirements.

ANYONE can be an apprentice: a current student at HCC, a prospective student, an employee at a company.  Any person at any level can be an apprentice in their field.

How do students benefit?

Because students go to school and are regular employees at the same time, apprentices can leave school with little to no debt, a full-time position with a local employer or recommendations from their employer, and a quality education.

Apprentices are also equipped with both an on-the-job mentor and a success coach at HCC.  These two leaders will help the apprentice successfully navigate both sides of their apprenticeship.

Upon completion of the program, students earn a nationally-recognized industry credential validating their proficiency.

Where can an apprentices work?

Apprenticeships have traditionally been exclusively for careers in the trades, but now apprenticeships can be for any career path!  Multiple high-demand fields are open for apprenticeship opportunities: healthcare, manufacturing, business, diesel technology, IT and more! 

Apprenticeships are also available to every type of workplaces, including labor organizations and join labor-management organizations. All types of employees are also eligible: new employees or incumbent workers at any level. 

Reach out today to get in on the ground floor helping HCC build a new program in your sector!

How do employers benefit?

HCC takes care of most of the work involved with setting up and monitoring a registered apprenticeship.  Your HCC contact will work with you to customize your apprenticeship program to best suit your company's needs - recruitment, curriculum, on-the-job requirements, pay scale, and more.  Then, reap the rewards as your company establishes a steady pipeline of high-quality, trained employees, filling skills gaps and creating a long-term solution for workforce shortages, saving your company costs in other areas such as recruiting, onboarding and training.

HCC works closely with our other KCTCS colleges across the state. We can implement the same program for multiple facilities, or we can customize for the needs of each location. Whatever you need, we can do! 

The charge for creating and implementing a customized apprenticeship program for your organization can be between $900 and $1500 per apprentice, per year.  The amount is based on how many of HCC's services you would like to utilize.


Questions? Contact Us!

Mary-Rachel Leach, Employer Engagement Liaison (apprenticeships)
Office: Hopkinsville Campus, Technology Center, Room 124E
Phone: (270) 707-3738
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