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HOPFAME Accepting Applications for Fall 2024 Semester

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HCC is accepting applications for the HOPFAME Industrial Maintenance Technology - Advanced Manufacturing Technician Track.  Use the link below to submit your application before April 1, 2024.

HOPFAME is the HCC chapter of KYFAME, a partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement apprentice-style training to create a pipeline of highly-skilled workers. The concept offers a five-semester college degree program that matches higher education with continuous real-world experience.

Work and learn in advanced manufacturing!

While HOPFAME is ideal for recent high school graduates, current manufacturing employees, and military veterans, it is open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements listed below and wants to pursue high-paying, diverse career options in advanced manufacturing. As a program participant, you will earn a competitive salary while attending college and potentially graduate debt free! Attend class full time two days a week and apply what you learn in class at work with your sponsoring manufacturer three days each week.

HOPFAME offers more than college classes. Your coursework will include not only essential hands-on technical training but also instruction in lean manufacturing principles and critical workplace behaviors. You'll graduate with 18 months of work experience, extensive knowledge in electricity, fluid power, mechanics, fabrication and robotics, as well as the personal skills that help you become a stand out employee.

A great career pathway at potentially zero cost to you!

HOPFAME industry partners sponsor students in the program resulting in paid work experience which includes hands-on application of class concepts and the chance to observe the best practices of a world-class manufacturer.

Salary and benefits are determined by the individual manufacturer and shared with the student during the selection process. Pay increases are based on work performance evaluation and academic performance. HOPFAME students may be eligible for Rotary Scholars and Work Ready Kentucky scholarships, KEES scholarship funding, and federal financial aid.

HOPFAME program participants must ...

  • Be 18 years old as of the first day of class
  • Be a US citizen
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Demonstrate academic success as measured through grades and assessments
  • A minimum ACT score (or equivalent scores on other acceptable assessment) of
    • 14 in English
    • 16 in math
    • 16 in reading
  • Submit a written essay
  • Commit to remaining absolutely drug free

To be considered for the program, candidates must complete the HOPFAME application form. Candidates must also complete the HCC admissions application and submit the required documents. Only applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and submit the required documentation will be considered by employer sponsors.

HOPFAME Participating Manufacturers

Participating manufacturers are members of the Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education. These companies have banded together to partner with HCC to create world-class technicians for the workforce of tomorrow.

  • Brazeway
  • Comefri
  • Continental Mills
  • Huhtamaki
  • LG Electronics
  • Martinrea
  • Metalsa Structural Products
  • Novelis
  • Par4 Plastics
  • Plymouth Engineered Shapes
  • Pregis
  • Riken Elastomers
  • T.RAD North America
  • Toyoda Gosei
  • Treehouse Foods
  • Wabash
  • White Drive Products

Sample HOPFAME Schedule


  • IMT 110: Industrial Maintenance Electrical Principles
    3 credit hours
  • IMT 111: Industrial Maintenance Electrical Lab
    2 credit hours
  • FPX 100: Fluid Power
    3 Credit hours
  • FPX 101: Fluid Power Lab
    2 credit hours
  • IET 111: MCE - Lean Safety Culture
    1 credit hour
  • MAT 126: Technical Algebra and Trigonometry
    3 credit hours
  • DPT 100: Introduction to 3D Printing Technology
    3 credit hours

17 credit hours total


  • EET 270: Electrical Motor Controls I
    2 credit hours
  • EET 271: Electrical Motor Controls I Lab
    2 credit hours
  • CMM 110: Fundamentals of Machine Tools A
    3 credit hours
  • IET 113: MCE - Lean 5S Methodology
    1 credit hour
  • CHE 120: Chemistry in Society
    3 credit hours
  • HIS 107: Western Culture - Science and Technology II
    3 credit hours

14 credit hours total


  • IMT 150: Maintaining Industrial Equipment
    3 credit hours
  • IMT 151: Maintaining Industrial Equipment Lab
    2 credit hours
  • BRX 120: Basic Blueprint Reading
    3 credit hours
  • IET 112: MCE -  Lean Manufacturing Concepts
    1 credit hour

9 credit hours total


  • EET 276: Programmable Logic Controllers
    2 credit hours
  • EET 277: Programmable Logic Controllers Lab
    2 credit hours
  • IMT 100: Welding for Maintenance
    3 credit hours
    IMT 101: Welding for Maintenance Lab
    2 credit hours
  • IET 114: MCE - Lean Problem Solving
    1 credit hour
  • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
    3 credit hours
  • ENG 101: Writing I
    3 credit hours

16 credit hours total


  • EET 272: Electric Motor Controls II
    2 credit hours
  • EET 273: Electric Motor Controls II Lab
    2 credit hours
  • IMT 200: Industrial Robotics and Robotics Maintenance
    4 credit hours
  • IMT 289: Industrial Maintenance Technology Capstone
    1 credit hour
  • IET 115: MCE -  Lean Machine Reliability
    1 credit hour
  • COM 205: Business and Professional Communication
    3 credit hours

13 credit hours total

69 total credit hours

Complete the HOPFAME Application

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have submitted a HOPFAME application but have not received a confirmation email from Mary-Rachel Leach, please contact her using the information below or contact our staff at hp-HOPFAME@kctcs.edu.  Thank you!

Questions?  Contact us!

Mary-Rachel Leach, HOPFAME Success Coach
Office: Hopkinsville Campus, Technology, Room 124E
Phone: (270) 707-3738
Email: Mary-Rachel Leach