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Earn a welding certificate in 6 weeks!

Our hands-on accelerated welding certificate program is designed to help you develop the basic skills you need to be successful in entry-level welding jobs and can provide the foundation for careers earning up to $60,000 a year.  This program is coordinated by HCC's Workforce Solutions department and has been customized to provide high-quality training within a short timeframe in the college's newly-renovated Flexible Training Center.

Take one session or take all three in any order!
Earn college credit and industry credentials with every session!

SESSION A:  Stick Welding
6 weeks, 240 hours, $4995 

WLD 110/111: Cutting Processes — Develop a working knowledge and become proficient in cutting processes used by the welding industry. Discuss and practice safety, theory, setup and operating techniques, troubleshooting and making minor equipment repairs, as well as terms and definitions. Identify, repair and prevent reoccurrences of cut surface discontinuities. Processes will include oxy-fuel, plasma arc, air carbon arc, and mechanical cutting. Lecture and lab.

WLD 120/121: Shielded Metal Arc Welding — Understand and practice basic principles of SMAW. Learn to identify, inspect and maintain SMAW electrodes. Understand the effects of variables and metallurgy on the process. Develop manipulative skills to complete fillet welds in all positions. Lecture and fillet lab.

6 weeks, 240 hours, $4995 

WLD 140/141: Gas Metal Arc Welding — Understand and practice basic GMAW principles. Identify, inspect, and maintain GMAW machines as well as identify, select, and store electrodes. Understand effects of variables. Discuss theory and application of related processes and metallurgy. Master operation methods and application of GMAW process to weld joints in all positions on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Lecture and fillet lab.

WLD 170/171: Blueprint Reading for Welding — Understand welding prints and develop skills to fabricate from a blueprint. Study multi-view, assembly, numerical control, and working drawings; datum dimensions; sheet metal prints; castings and forgings; instrumentation and control charts and diagrams; and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Focus on welding drawings, symbols, joint types, grooves, pipe welding symbols, testing symbols and specification interpretations. Lecture and lab.

3 weeks, 120 hours, $2995

WLD 130/131: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding — Understand and practice basic principles of GTAW welding. Learn to identify, inspect and maintain GTAW machines as well as identify, select and store GTAW electrodes. Understand effects of variables. Discuss metallurgy and the theory and application of Plasma Arc Cutting. Develop manipulative skills to weld joints in all positions on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Lecture and fillet lab.

Program Features

  • Classes meet Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.  Instruction for each session includes daily on-site welding labs 9 am-3:30 pm plus daily classroom access for completing online components with times to be arranged.  Sessions A and B provide 240 hours of training over six weeks.  Session C provides 120 hours of training over three weeks.
  • Sessions A, B, and C are scheduled back-to-back on a continuous basis.  For maximum credentials and certifications, complete all three sessions, starting with either session A or B; however any session can be taken independently.
  • Successfully complete session A or B to earn 10 credit hours and two academic certificates from HCC.  Complete session C to earn 5 credit hours and one academic certificate.  Complete all three sessions to earn 25 credit hours and five academic certificates including Production Line Welder and Arc Welder.
  • Take an American Welding Society test at the end of each session to earn an AWS D1.1 structural steel certification for each welding process.

Payment Information and Refund Policy

  • The program fee for session A or B is $4995.  The program fee for session C is $2995.  The program fee for each session covers instruction, materials, personal protective equipment, and AWS testing.  Students will keep jacket, gloves and safety glasses after classes end.  Students must provide their own steel-toed boots.
  • Program fee payment or payment arrangements must be made before session begins. Pay by cash, credit card, or cashier’s check payable to HCC. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Financial assistance may be available through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Vocational Rehabilitation programs. HCC is approved for veterans and/or dependent/spouse of a veteran to receive Veterans Educational Benefits. Please contact a local counselor for details.
  • Full refunds will only be granted if class is canceled by HCC. Partial refunds may be granted if requested in writing by end of second day of class. No refunds will be granted if requested after the second day of class or if the student is dismissed for violating class code of conduct.
  • For details, contact Workforce Solutions at (270) 707-3750 or hp-welding@kctcs.edu or visit our staff in Auditorium Room 13 on our Hopkinsville campus at 720 North Drive.

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Questions? Contact us!

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Office: Hopkinsville Campus, Technology Center, Room 124F
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