Program CIP Codes | HCC

Program CIP Codes

Hopkinsville Community College
Approved Programs / Classification of Instructional Program Codes
Program CIP Code
Administrative Office Technology 52.0402
Agriculture 01.0301
Associate in Arts 24.0101
Associate in Science 24.0101
Automotive Technology (certificates only) 47.0604
Business Administration System 52.0201
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (diploma, certificates only) 15.1301
Computer and Information Technology 11.0101
Computerized Manufacturing and Machining (diploma, certificates only) 48.0503
Construction Technology (certificates only) 46.0201
Criminal Justice 43.0103
Diesel Technology 47.0605
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic 51.0904
Engineering and Electronics Technology 15.0399
General Occupational Technical Studies 30.9999
Health Science Technology 51.0000
Human Services 44.0000
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education 19.0709
Manufacturing Industrial Technology: Electrical Technology 46.0302
Manufacturing Industrial Technology: Industrial Maintenance Technology 47.0303
Medical Assisting 51.0801
Medical Information Technology 51.0716
Medical Laboratory Technician (certificate only) 51.1004
Nursing 51.3801
Practical Nursing (diploma, certificates) 51.3901
Pharmacy Technology (diploma, certificate only) 51.0805
Truck Driver Training (certificates only) 49.0205
Welding Technology (certificate only) 48.0508