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HCC Cares

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)- "HCC Cares"

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) "HCC CARES" is designed to support student learning and academic success for all HCC students.

We, at HCC, feel it is vital to help students meet their goals of completing their education, whether it be for a certificate, diploma, or degree program.

HCC wants to connect students to academic resources, based on needs, such as coaching (College Navigators), advising, and tutoring as well as non-academic resources such as the Pathfinder Pantry, HCC Laptop Loaner program, and community-based wellness programs. 


One tool your instructors ​will be using to ensure student success is Starfish. How does it work? ​Through Starfish, instructors communicate with students to celebrate a job well done or to offer support and resources when there are opportunities to improve grades. Starfish communications come via email and phone calls from concerned HCC College Navigators.

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