The average annual cost of books and supplies for college students attending full time, per semester exceeds $1,000. Now, more than ever, paying for textbooks is a financial struggle. According to a recent national survey, 56% of students admitted that they have put off getting the necessary materials for their classes because of these costs. In the study, one in six chose not to enroll in or dropped a class because of the cost of textbooks.

The Textbook Scholarship Program of the Hopkinsville Community College Foundation, Inc. currently provides $500.00 in assistance per student award, based upon annual Foundation fund-raising efforts, to aid students with the cost of textbooks. Time and again we see that even modest scholarships encourage and strengthen a students determination to succeed. To apply for a textbook scholarship, which is given out in both spring and fall terms, please complete the Application Textbook Scholarship.

Our goal is to ensure that the cost of textbooks is never a hindrance for students. With your help, we raised a $50,000 endowment that will in perpetuity, provide the funding of textbook scholarships for students. Our local $50,000 has been matched by KCTCS funding, dollar for dollar, to fund the endowment for an initial $100,000.00 in principal. During the 2016-2017 academic year, the HCC Foundation will award $43,000 in textbook scholarships.