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Transfer for Military & Veterans

Are you planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after completing a degree at HCTC? Kentucky has several statewide agreements and policies to help you transfer academic credit to a four-year institution as easily as possible.  If you have additional questions or need one-on-one assistance, be sure to contact us:

Kanya Allen
Career Services Coordinator
(270) 707-3827
Transfer Information

Below you will find contact information for staff at your transfer institution who can assist you once you have applied for admission.  Note that VA certifying officials work mainly with education benefits such as the GI BillĀ® but can refer you to other departments and resources.

Jaime Roberts
Military and Veterans Affairs
Veteran Affairs Advisor
(859) 622-7931
Dr. John Gregory
Veterans Affairs
(502) 597-6795

Gary Cornett
Veterans Affairs
VA Certifying Official/Transfer and Military Credit
(606) 783-2618/606-783-2878


Dr. Silas Sessions
Veterans Affairs
Director of Military Initiatives
(606) 783-9416

Allan Patterson (USMC Ret.)
Office for Veteran and Military Student Success
Program Coordinator of Veteran and Military Student Success
(270) 809-5343


Leanna McClure
Veterans Affairs
VA Certification Specialist
(270) 809-3050

Denzil Carter
Veterans Resource Station
VA Education Benefits
(859) 572-5782

Transfer Team
Transfer Admissions

Eric Haley
Veterans Resource Center
General Admissions Questions
(859) 257-1148


Amy Southwood
Veterans Resource Center
VA Certifying Official
(859) 257-1148

Tonya Archey
Military Student Services
Military Student Services Coordinator
(270) 745-2180


Melissa Ballinger
Elizabethtown/Fort Knox Military Student Services
Academic Advisor/Military Programs Coordinator
(270) 745-2629


Lindsey Brown or Catherine McKee
Veterans Affairs
VA Education Benefits
(270) 745-3732