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Emergency Medical Technician - EMT

Learn to provide pre-hospital emergency care to acutely ill or injured patients.

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What is Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) provides pre-hospital emergency care to acutely ill or injured patients. The EMT course (EMS 105) is offered during the Spring and Fall semesters and takes just 16 weeks. Course graduates meeting all program requirements are eligible to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) Examination upon completion. Apply to Hopkinsville and choose "EMT" as your major. The program is six credits and is offered during the evenings on the Hopkinsville Campus, to be accessible to students who work during daytime hours. 

EMT students practicing loading someone in an ambulance.

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Program Outcomes

NREMT Pass Rate: 92%

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