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Digital Printing Technology - 3D Printing

This red-hot technology offers limitless possibilities in almost every industry.

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What is Digital Printing Technology - 3D Printing?

As the call from industry for training in 3D printing increases, Hopkinsville Community College has stepped to the forefront in offering a certificate in the technology.

Experts in nearly every manufacturing industry, as well as various biomedical and service industries, are predicting that training in additive manufacturing/3D printing is what their employees will need for the future. In the next decade, the market potential in this field of technology is estimated to be between $230 to $550 billion dollars, mainly associated with transportation, biomedical, and tooling industries.

3-d printed items.

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Did you know that any HCC student can take our Digital (3D) Printing Technology class, (DPT100) to fulfill the digital literacy requirement?

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