rock sign and LED display at Hopkinsville's newest campus
Go KCTCS! student service center logo on a white background with a hand holding a cell phone
bulid smart initiative logo on blue background with a young african-american woman at the right
Student dragging block heavy college debt
In Rememberance of HCC Board Chair Bettie Wallace
UK transfer event logo on blue and gold background with graduate
dark blue banner with colorful pennants that spell out KCTCS
Golf ball sitting on tee grass and blue sky
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Facebook Activity
Facebook Activity
watermark of the word Hopkinsville and Higher Education Begins Here in yellow
masking tape with Why HCC? in blue letters and a red paper clip
classroom wall behind young african-american woman in a teal striped sweater

If you've graduated from high school, earned a GED, are eligible to take the GED, or are dually enrolled in high school and college, you’re ready to begin.

white paper scrap with a folded upper right corner, clear piece of tape on top and find Your path in blue sketchy letters
Girl in Hallway With Bag

With over 20 programs of study, we can help you find your path!

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