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HCC to go tobacco-free in January 2013

Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) will join the growing list of U.S. colleges and universities to adopt a tobacco-free campus policy, effective Jan. 1, 2013.

HCC administrators site their commitment to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, employees and visitors as a major rationale for naming HCC a tobacco-free institution.

Smoking has long been prohibited in HCCs buildings. HCC implemented a smoking policy in 2008 that outlined four designated smoking areas. The new 2013 tobacco-free policy will extend to prohibit all tobacco or e-tobacco products from being used on any college property (owned or leased) or in any college facility.

A report issued by the United States Surgeon General concluded that there is no acceptable level of exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.

In light on the recent passage of the Hopkinsville City smoking ordinance, it felt like the ideal time for our college to reevaluate the tobacco usage policy, explained HCC President Jim Selbe. A majority of HCC faculty, staff, and students do not smoke or use tobacco products. We also have to consider that we have the presence of underage students on campus.

Every member of the HCC community shares equally in the responsibility for adhering to and respectfully enforcing the tobacco-free policy. College officials will continue to examine policies at other higher education institutions and develop its own enforcement plan over the next year or more.

According to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation (ANRF), there are smoke-free colleges and universities in virtually every state. Nationwide, over 600 colleges and universities have tobacco-free policies. As of October 2012, the ANRF has 12 Kentucky colleges listed as having smoke or tobacco-free policies. View theANRFs state-by-state listing.