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HCC Receives Commercial Efficiency Award from HES and TVA

The Hopkinsville Electric System (HES) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Commercial Efficiency Advice and Incentives Program awarded $13,542 for making energy saving investments at Hopkinsville Community College (HCC). The program offers commercial customers like HCC varying levels of facility energy assessments to help make informed energy-saving investment decisions. Additionally, financial assistance is available for those projects that help reduce power use during TVAs peak periods. The cash incentives are awarded for lighting and heating/cooling system energy savings.

HCC is the first large commercial customer to take advantage of the Commercial Efficiency Advice and Incentive Program offered through HES in partnership with TVA.

Hopkinsville Community College is committed to making a positive, environmental contribution to the region. We have implemented multiple improvements on our Hopkinsville campus that include lighting upgrades, water conservation measures, HVAC controls, design and installation of a chiller, replacement of a boiler and the construction of a new, 83-space parking lot that incorporates pervious concrete, said HCC President Dr. Jim Selbe. We know this is the right thing to do as good environmental stewards and over the long-term it saves us money. It is certainly an added bonus to receive immediate rebate dollars from HES and TVA for our green initiatives.

Large commercial facilities that have a kW demand charge such as schools, hospitals, large office buildings, warehouses served by HES are eligible for participation in the program. The program includes flexible components such as a complimentary initial energy assessment to help determine how well the facility is currently using energy and a complimentary on-site energy review to identify potential areas for energy savings and determine program eligibility. The cash incentive helps offset the investment costs.

In addition to helping commercial customers manage their power use more efficiently, the program is designed to achieve maximum reduction benefits during the highest periods of demand on the TVA system. This can help reduce the amount of power TVA purchases from more costly power sources, which helps keep energy bills lower for all Valley consumers.

Potential candidates for the program can contact HES at 887-4213 or email lclark@hop-electric.com.