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Academic and Student Services

Social Distancing

Faculty will work with students to ensure that proper social distancing requirements are met. Classroom capacities and arrangements have been changed as needed to comply with safety protocol.

Students are encouraged to schedule appointments for support services, one student per one employee.

Alternative Learning Environments

Classes will be offered in a variety of formats. Each course is web-enhanced and faculty will transition to online learning should the need arise and where possible. Caps have been adjusted for those classes with a laboratory component to ensure social distancing guidelines are met. IP grades will be issued to students enrolled in classes that cannot be taught online.

Professional Development opportunities are available for faculty to prepare to teach a online course. Each online course must go through a quality assurance process prior to being taught.

Accommodations for illness

Faculty should work with the student to provide extensions on assignments or issue an IP grade if a student is passing the course but unable to complete work due to COVID-19.

The Division Chair and Chief Academic Officer will work with current full time faculty to cover the curriculum in the event of faculty illness. When that is not possible, an adjunct faculty member will be hired.

Delivery of Services

Advising, tutoring, and orientations will take place via Teams when possible. No student will be turned away. Some advising and tutoring may take place face-to-face. Plexiglass will be used as well as PPE. Mental health services are contracted out.

We will not be opening or providing dining services at this time. 

No external community events will be scheduled using the facilities. Outdoor events may be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by campus leadership.