NLN PAX-RN Information | HCC

National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam (PAX-RN)

Anyone who plans to apply to HCC’s PN track, Traditional RN track, or Medic To RN track (for 68W military medics).

The PAX exam is a general knowledge, standardized test consisting of multiple choice questions over three subject areas.

  • Section 1: Verbal (60 questions, 40 minutes)
    • Subsection 1: Reading Comprehension
    • Subsection 2: Word Knowledge
  • Section 2: Mathematics (40 questions, 40 minutes)
    • Subsection 1:  Mathematical Concepts
    • Subsection 2:  Geometry
    • Subsection 3: Numbers & Operations
    • Subsection 4:  Conversions
    • Subsection 5:  Algebra
  • Section 3: Science (60 questions, 40 minutes)
    • Subsection 1:  Physics
    • Subsection 2:  Biology
    • Subsection 3:  Chemistry
    • Subsection 4:  Anatomy & Physiology
    • Subsection 5:  Health

Please visit National League for Nursing's (NLN) main website at  Under the Assessment Services header, look for Student Resources.  A Student Guide is available for how to register for the PAX.

To set up your testing account, please go to NLN's testing portal at While entering your information, type Hopkinsville Community College under Select Your School or Enter School Code. Click Search then check the box by 392687-01 Hopkinsville Community College-Hopkinsville. This will allow for your test results to go to Hopkinsville Community College Nursing Department.

Once your NLN testing account is set up, you have two options for how to test.  Please follow the Student Guide for assistance.

Option 1 - On-site testing at the HCC Workforce Assessment Center

  • Select "Register for Exam"
  • For "Site", enter Hopkinsville and leave all other fields blank. Click Apply.
  • Be sure to look only at the PAX Session dates and not NACE Session dates.  Once you select an exam date and place in your shopping cart, you will pay for the exam through NLN's registration website.
    • Please note the PAX exam start times listed are for Central Time zone. If your device is set for a different time zone, please be aware of the time difference.
  • On the day of the exam, please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Report to the Workforce Assessment Center, located in the Technology Center, Room 109. This will allow time to log in to the computer and confirm you have access to the exam before the exam begins.
  • Allow time prior to reporting to the Workforce Assessment Center to pay the $25 proctor fee in the Workforce Solutions Office, located in the Auditorium Building, Room 13. They will give you a receipt to show to the proctor before your exam.

Option 2 -Remote-proctored exam (test on personal computer with camera and microphone in a quiet, uninterrupted space while being monitored by Proctor 360's live proctor)

  • Select "Buy Exam"
  • As of 2/13/2024, the exam name to purchase has the code PRE-AX Pre-Admission Exam.
  • Once purchase is complete, please refer to the "Student Guide for Using Proctor 360" on how to schedule a date and time for your live-proctored test session.
  • You will pay for the test online through NLN. No additional proctor fee is charged.

Depending on which exam option you choose, costs are listed below. These are subject to change at NLN's discretion.

  1. On-site exam (at HCC Hopkinsville campus):  $52.50 exam fee (when you register) plus $25.00 proctor fee (pay day of exam)
    • The proctor fee may be paid in the Workforce Solutions office, located on the Hopkinsville campus, Auditorium Building, Room 13.  Acceptable forms of payment:  cash, debit/credit card, and checks.
  2. Remote-proctored exam (your device):  $68.50 (total for both exam and remote proctor fee)

Please contact NLN Customer Service (800-732-8656) if you have questions about their refund policy or fees associated with rescheduling an exam prior to the exam date.

On-site testing is offered approximately two times per month in the Workforce Assessment Center on the Hopkinsville campus. Exam dates are usually Thursdays at 9am. Alternate dates or times may be offered if the Workforce Assessment Center has capacity.

Note: All times are Central Time zone. Seating is limited to 8 people per test session.  Registration closes 2 days prior to exam date or when all seats have been taken.

Remote-proctored testing must be scheduled through the Proctor 360 service utilized by NLN.

  • One (1) form of identification with the name on the ID matching the name on the exam registration
  • Your NLN username and password that you created when you set up your NLN account
  • Receipt showing payment of the $25.00 proctoring fee (if taking exam at Workforce Assessment Center)
  • Basic Calculator (optional) - exam portal should have online calculator built-in to exam
  • For on-site testing, the Workforce Assessment Center will provide an erasable note board, pen, and basic calculator
  • For remote-proctored exam, be sure to review any guidelines from NLN when you register on how to prepare for taking the exam.

NLN advises score reports should be available within 4 hours after completion of the exam.  Students can log in to their NLN account to view a score report.

The HCC Nursing Department's retest policy for the PAX exam is once every six (6) weeks.  If you take the exam more than once, you must allow 6 weeks between exam dates in order for us to consider your score reports as valid.  When applying to the program, we will use the highest PAX score from the exams you have taken as long as you abide by the 6-week retest policy.

We consider scores to be good for three (3) years from the exam date.

RN Program:  The minimum composite score to be eligible is 111.

Medic To RN Program: The minimum composite score to be eligible is 111.

PN Program:  The minimum composite score to be eligible is 99.