NLN NACE Information | HCC

National League for Nursing’s Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam (NACE)

Who should take the NACE?

Current LPNs with an active license in good standing who plan to apply to the LPN To RN Bridge at HCC.

What content material is covered on the NACE?

The HCC Nursing Department has chosen the NACE I: Foundations of Nursing exam offered by NLN.

According to NLN, this exam “includes content related to the basic physiological and psychosocial needs of individuals.”  Content areas are divided into the below listed general headings.

Basic Health Needs

Respiration and circulation


Physiologic Health Needs

Fluids and electrolyte balance

Defense mechanisms


Growth and development

Growth and development







Body Alignment

Spiritual preference, cultural

Verbal Communication

Exercise and ambulation


Non-verbal Communication

Rest and sleep


General Principles of



Medication Administration


Loss and death

Moral/Ethical/Legal Issues




The NACE exam consists of 200 items in a 4-hour administration time.

How do I register for the NACE?

Please visit and select “Create new account”.

HCC’s Assessment Center will offer the NACE exam multiple times each semester.

How much does the NACE cost?
  • The NACE exam fee is $60.00, which you will pay online at the time you register. Effective September 1, the vendor has advised the exam fee will be $65.00.
  • A proctoring fee of $25.00 must be paid prior to the exam in person by visiting the Workforce Solutions office, located on the Hopkinsville campus in the Auditorium Building room HCC accepts cash, debit/credit card, and checks.
  • Please contact NLN Customer Service if you have questions about their refund policy or fees associated with rescheduling an exam prior to the exam date.

o  800-732-8656

What do I need to know about taking the NACE?
  • The exam is given on a
  • Testing begins at 9:00 m. Central Time – Time allotted is 4 hours.
  • Basic calculators are
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time for the exam. No one will be admitted late to the exam.
What should I bring on test day?
  • One (1) form of identification with the name on the ID matching the name on the exam registration
  • Receipt showing payment of the $25.00 proctoring fee
  • Calculator (optional)
  • Pencil
When will I receive my exam results?

Score reports for the NACE should be available within 24 hours from the exam date.  Students should receive an email indicating the score report is available. In addition, students can log in to their NLN account to view a score report.

How often am I eligible to take the NACE?

Hopkinsville Community College allows students interested in applying to our LPN To RN Bridge to take the NACE once every six (6) weeks.

How long are my NACE scores good for?

Your scores are good for three (3) years from the exam date.

What is the minimum NACE score required to be eligible for the LPN To RN Bridge at HCC?

The minimum score to be eligible for the RN Program is 76%.

What if HCC’s Testing Center does not have any open seats on the date I would like to test?

Seats are limited for each testing session. If seats are unavailable for the date you would like to test, you can either look for other dates offered at HCC with available seats or you may contact other colleges/universities who offer the NACE to ask if they will allow you to register to test.

If you take the NACE at another location, please submit a copy of your score report to the Nursing Department. Do not assume we will receive your scores from another testing center.


At the time you register, if you are not in Central Time zone, please be aware the start time of the test may show up as the time zone you are located in. The exam is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. Central Time for all test dates.

When you are reviewing possible registration dates, please do not select a date unless you are planning to complete the registration and make payment online. If you select a date, continue through the process, and exit without paying, the seat will not be available for you to come back to and pay later. This is a function of the NLN registration site and is not an aspect HCC can control.