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Posted:  June 16, 2020
[6/16/2020 info on next admission cycles]
[6/5/2020 update from NLN on PAX/NACE]
[6/2/2020 update about ACT requirement]


RN Program- Spring 2021
(attend conference in fall 2020)
LPN To RN Bridge Program - Spring 2021
(attend conference in fall 2020)
PN Program - Fall 2021
(attend conference in spring 2021)


6/5/2020 Testing Information provided by NLN:  Click this ANNOUNCEMENT.
To access the NLN Student Guide referenced in the 6/5/2020 announcement, please click STUDENT GUIDE.

If issues persist with the ability to schedule exam proctoring appointments through NLN, students should ensure they submit the nursing application and complete all other admission criteria by the deadline.  The Nursing Department will re-evaluate the PAX/NACE issues at that time.  However, students should make every effort to communicate with NLN on scheduling to take the exam.

PAX EXAM:  Please click HERE for the update received on 5/7/2020 from NLN and HCC's Workforce Assessment Center.

ACT Requirement Update as of 6/2/2020:

Due to the cancellations of the April 2020 ACT test and the June 2020 ACT test (announced late last week), students who do not have the minimum ACT scores to meet the admission requirement may still be considered for Fall 2020 admission.  All other admission criteria must be met by the deadlines.  This guidance is only valid for students applying for Fall 2020 admission.

What Is Nursing?

The Hopkinsville Community College Nursing Program prepares graduates for a challenging career in health care. Both the Associate Degree in Nursing (Registered Nursing) and the diploma in Practical Nursing will open a wide array of opportunities that can lead to career advancement in acute and chronic care of patients. The goals of nursing education at HCC are to develop the ability in graduates to enhance human flourishing, demonstrate sound nursing judgment, develop professional identity and possess a spirit of inquiry in order to improve patient outcomes.

What are my career choices?

Job opportunities as a Registered Nurse include, but are not limited to:  hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, child care centers, educational facilities, and physician's offices.

Job opportunities as a Licensed Practical Nurse include, but are not limited to:  hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician offices, and home health care.


What are my degree, diploma, or certificate options?



Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the RN or PN Program, the below requirements must be met.

  • Complete Pre-requisite courses - See above links for the Admission Packet and Curriculum Requirements for specific courses for each program
  • Have an active status on a state nurse aide registry - This would show current certification as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
  • Submit ACT scores to the HCC Admissions and Records office
    • RN Eligibility Requirement: ACT composite score of 20 or higher
    • PN Eligibility Requirement: ACT composite score of 18 or higher
  • Submit NLN pre-admission exam scores to the HCC Nursing Department
    • Applicants to the RN or PN program must take the PAX-RN exam
      • RN Eligibility Requirement: PAX-RN composite score of 111 or higher
      • PN Eligibility Requirement: PAX-RN composite score of 99 or higher
    • Applicants to the LPN to RN Bridge program must take the NACE exam
      • NACE minimum recommended score is a composite of 76%
  • Attend a Pre-Admission Conference (PAC) - Nursing applications distributed at this session
  • Submit a Nursing application by May 15 for Fall Admission and by October 30 for Spring Admission
  • Complete all HCC admission procedures, including the submission of official transcripts from any college where credit was received

Mandatory Pre-Admission Conference (PAC)

Updated:  June 16, 2020

**If you are interested in Spring 2021 admission, you must attend a Pre-Admission Conference session during the fall semester.  Details will be posted to this webpage in early September.  The deadline to apply will be October 30, 2020.**

 For the Spring 2021 admission cycle, applications will be accepted for:

     Associate Degree Nursing Program (RN) - 2 years
     LPN to RN Bridge Program (LPN with active license) - 3 semesters

The next admission cycle for the Practical Nursing (PN) and Medical Assisting (MA) programs will be for Fall 2021.  Details will be available in January-February 2021.

Information About PAX-RN and NACE
Pre-Admission Exams

Hopkinsville Community College is a testing facility for the National League for Nursing's PAX-RN and NACE pre-admission exams.  Information on how to register for the exams can be found in the below links.

Updated:  June 5, 2020
Please scroll to the top of this page for the announcement regarding information received from NLN.  This announcement is in reference to both the PAX and NACE exams.

PAX EXAM:  Please click HERE for the information received on 5/7/2020 from NLN and HCC's Workforce Assessment Center.  Additional information may be available in the 6/5/2020 announcement.

NLN PAX-RN Information (for applicants to the traditional RN program or PN program)

  • PAX-RN must be taken prior to the application deadline for the admission cycle for which you are applying.
  • Number of seats per exam session are limited.
  • Minimum scores for eligibility:
    • RN Program - composite of 111 or higher
    • PN Program - composite of 99 or higher

NLN NACE Information (for applicants to the LPN To RN Bridge program) 

  • NACE exam must be taken prior to the application deadline for the admission cycle for which you are applying.
  • Number of seats per exam session are limited.
  • Minimum recommended score:  composite of 76%

ACT Testing Requirement

Applicants must have their ACT scores on file by the admission cycle deadline.

For the October 30 deadline, if an applicant needs to take the ACT, we encourage him/her to test no later than the September exam date.  ACT's October exam date may not allow sufficient time for the score report to be available before the nursing application deadline.

For the May 15 deadline, if an applicant needs to take the ACT, we encourage him/her to test no later than the April exam date. 

Register at

Other Courses Offered


The Associate Degree Nursing Program and Practical Nursing Program are approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.  Pursuant to the Kentucky Board of Nursing regulation 201 KAR 20:340, click here for benchmark data for nursing programs in the state of Kentucky.

The RN Program is nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, (404)975-5000.

ACEN Accreditation Status:  Continuing Accreditation

Licensure, Completion, and Job Placement Rates

Additional Information

Medicaid Nurse Aide: 3 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Medication Aide: 5 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS
Practical Nursing: 46 - 54 Total credit hours
Nursing: 62 - 66 TOTAL CREDIT HOURS

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.


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