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Beginning Monday, March 23, all HCC services will be moving to a virtual environment. All campus buildings will be inaccessible. Library/Tutoring Services are available.

We're here to support your learning...

The Hopkinsville Community College Library provides for our students and community a wide range of materials, services, and technology.

What resources and services are available to you?

On-campus students may use the link above to access online databases. If you are prompted for a username/password use your BlackBoard credentials. If you need assistance, please contact the library or use the 'Ask a Librarian' link.

Hours:     Monday - Thursday     7:30 - 5:00
              Friday                        7:30 - 4:30
              Monday - Friday         7:30 - 4:30  Summer, Fall/Spring breaks and Academic Holidays

Contact information:

Ann Nichols
Professor/Director of Library Services

Reese Bailey
Library Academic Director

Bonnie Matherly
Library Technician

Martha White
Writing Center Tutor/Library


The Writing Center is located in the library; signs are posted.    

The HCC Writing Center provides FREE, professional tutoring for HCC students needing help with written assignments for all classes offered at the college. In a casual and friendly setting, HCC writing faculty and tutors work with students in content, organization, grammar, and mechanics from the beginning stages to the final completion of assignments. 

Contact Martha White at (270) 707-3765 or for additional information.

Writing Center Hours:

Monday and Wednesday                  8:30 - 3:30
Tuesday and Thursday                     8:30 - 11:00; 12:00 - 3:30
Closed Friday
Math tutoring is located in the library; signs are posted.
A math tutor provides FREE, professional tutoring for HCC students needing help with math assignments for all classes offered at the college.  

Contact Kenneth Allen at (270) 707-3716 or for additional information.

Math Tutoring Hours:

Monday                                          9:30 - 10:30
Wednesday                                     9:30 - 10:30, 1:00 - 3:00
Tuesday and Thursday                      1:00 - 4:00
Friday                                             9:30 - 11:30
Our Mission

The mission of the Hopkinsville Community College Library is to support the colleges credit and non-credit curricular needs. The Library accomplishes this objective by maintaining a climate conducive to the educational experience, by functioning as a repository for a diversity of resources, by furnishing instruction in library and research skills, and by supplying miscellaneous services that enhance and facilitate learning.

For specific information about the library, please refer to the Policy Manual.