Financial Aid Priority Dates

Financial Aid Priority Processing Deadline Dates

  • July 15 for the Fall semester/Fall I term starting in August
  • September 15 if starting the school year in Fall II in October
  • November 15 if starting the school year in the Spring semester/Spring I term starting in January
  • February 15 if starting the school year in Spring II starting in March
  • April 15 for the Summer term


It is in your best interest to accurately complete the FAFSA once a year preferably in March and no later than April 15to ensure the best aid package for the college year that begins in the Fall. You do not have to be but can be an enrolled student to complete the FAFSA. You should add all colleges that you are thinking about attending but can only receive aid through one of the colleges listed if you are enrolled in more than one. Beware that this may not be all you need to do. This deadline includes not only the completion of the FAFSA but the submission of any other paperwork that is requested on your "to do" checklist located on your student self service. The majority of FAFSAs are selected for a process called Verificationwhich takes processing time. Until all paperwork is completed correctly and submitted to the financial aid office your financial file cannot be completed. If your financial aid file is not complete due to a missed deadline listed above, you may be required to pay for tuition, fees, books, and supplies from you own funds. If you are unable to pay out-of-pocket, your enrollment could be delayed until the following semester/term. Consult the Ten Ways to Avoid Financial Aid Delay.