Important Information about Books and Supplies

Students are responsible for purchasing books and supplies using resources other than financial aid if necessary.

Students with complete financial aid files (including verification if applicable) may be allowed to purchase books and supplies on credit at the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore. This is for a limited time, which is generally 10 days before the traditional 16 week semester start and 9 days after. Students home based as HPC are required to enroll in the entire semester (both bi-terms) before the census date (last day to drop a class at 100% refund) and charge ALL books and supplies at the beginning of the semester during the designated book charging dates. Students home based at HPCFC will be able register and charge books to their financial aid at the beginning of each term during the designated book charge period. Any HPC home based student that are only enrolling in a second bi-term will be afforded the opportunity to charge books during that time frame.

The student must have more anticipated aid than the cost of tuition and fees for the term and have on file a Financial Aid Release authorizing HCC to release the amount of anticipated aid to the campus Barnes & Noble bookstore. The Financial Aid Release is available on Student Self-Service.

After the charge period the amount is posted to the students account as a bookstore charge.

Changes to a student course schedule or failure to attend classes may create a balance on the student account not covered by financial aid. Please check with the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

Visit Important Dates to view the dates that are available to charge books.