The Welding Technology Program is dedicated to welding education, technology, and student success.  Students in this program will learn various welding techniques, careers and the skills needed to be successful in the Welding Technology field.   Welding occupations are primarily concerned with joining, surfacing, or repairing structures or parts made of metal or other weldable materials.  The skills and knowledge needed to determine the appropriate welding technique required for a specific project and to successfully perform that technique are gained through course work and practical experience.  

Available Credentials


  • Welding Helper
  • ARC Cutter
  • Tack Welder
  • Production Line Welder
  • ARC Welder

PDF FileAcademic plan for Welding Certificates

For definitions of AAS, Diplomas, and Certificates.


Admission Requirements

This program has no special admission requirements.  Please consult HCC's general admission requirements.

Length of Program

Certificates can be earned in as short as one semester and up to 4 semesters.


Stuart Zieman, Program Coordinator
Office:  Hopkinsville Campus, Technology Center 124G
Phone:  (270) 707-3871
Email:  szieman0001@kctcs.edu

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