What is the QEP?

The Quality Enhancement PlanPDF icon(QEP) Literatzi focusing on reading comprehension is Hopkinsville Community Colleges initiative to support student learning and academic success. Reading comprehension was chosen in 2009 as the focus of Hopkinsville Community College's QEP based on a collaborative effort of stakeholders. Additionally, anecdotal evidence coupled with placment assessment test scores, ACT test scores, CCSSE surveys, and research regarding the importance reading comprehension plays in academic success were considered. The topic also coincided with the HCC mission statement and the strategic goals emphasize the colleges commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

Literatzi supports:

  • A Culture of Reading through;
    • Common Read initiative
    • Three Book Challenge
    • Author's Festival
    • Participation in community reading events
  • Students' Success with Reading by offering
    • Free tutoring at the Literatzi Reading Success Corner
    • Workshops focusing on reading comprehension
  • Faculty by offering
    • Reading Apprenticeship training from WestEd.org
    • Professional Development workshops
    • Resources

Quality Enhancement Plan Document PDF icon