Library Computer Lab

Library Computer Lab

The computer lab in the library is available to all students, faculty, staff and community users. Students with research needs have first priority over all others.

The lab is open during all regular library hours.

Lab users are required to enter personal logon identification when entering the HCC network. Student logons are created at the beginning of each semester. Community users may request a logon at the Circulation desk. Picture ID is required.

The Information Technology department maintains all computers in the library lab. Library staff can offer limited assistance.

Students are expected to observe all HCC Student Code of Conduct rules.

Community users are required to have a signed computer use form, agreeing to follow all HCC Library computer policies.

Computers may be monitored at all times by the IT department. Anyone viewing inappropriate material may have computer privileges suspended and/or permanently revoked.

Occasionally the lab is closed to allow for class instruction. Efforts are made to inform lab users in advance of class use through posted notices.

There is no food or drink allowed in the library computer lab.