Undecided and Pending Majors

Federal guidelines for Federal Financial Aid requires Hopkinsville Community College to make sure that all students choose an approved program plan or major before disbursing Title IV aid.  If a student does not choose an approved program plan or major, he or she is no longer eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid--including student loans.  Undecided and pending, are not approved program plans or majors for Federal Financial Aid purposes.  In order to receive Federal Financial Aid, you must choose an approved program plan.

 Note:  Not all certificate or diploma programs are approved for Federal Financial Aid.  Your program plan or major must be at least 15 weeks in length and at least 16 credit hours.

The easiest way to choose an approved program plan is to:

  • Review our degree programs online.
  • Choose an approved program plan.
  • Print the Student Change of Information Form and complete the appropriate information.
  • Then return your form using one of these several options:
    • Personally deliver the form to the Hopkinsville Community College Admissions/Records Office located on the first floor of the Administration Building or to the Admissions/Records Office at Ft. Campbell located inside Gate 4 at 202 Bastogne Ave.
    • FAX the form to (270)886-0237.
    • Mail the form to:

                            Hopkinsville Community College Records Office
                            PO Box 2100
                            Hopkinsville KY  42241-2100

If you need further help selecting a major or career, you should speak to someone in our Career Services Center or speak with your academic advisor.