COMPASS Assessment

ACT® or COMPASS® scores are used to satisfy the mandatory assessment/placement requirement for enrollment in Hopkinsville Community College classes.

COMPASS is a computerized placement and assessment system. COMPASS stands for "Computer-Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System." COMPASS will assess your skills in reading, writing, and math. A computer tutorial is available within the software if you are not experienced with computers. A calculator is also included within the software or you may bring a calculator. A list of acceptable calculators is located at the COMPASS website. Students are not timed and will receive scores and class placement immediately upon completion of COMPASS. A picture ID is required for identification when you come for your appointment.

All first-time, full-time students or those wishing to enroll in a math or an English class must provide ACT scores of 18 or above in English, 20 or above in Reading, or a score of 22 or above in Math or take the COMPASS assessment before meeting with an admissions advisor for enrollment in classes. Each credential (certificate, diploma, or degree) maintains an entry score for coursework in specific academic plans. Based on your COMPASS scores, you may be placed in developmental courses or guided to other resources for remediation and re-evaluation using COMPASS.

If you earned a degree or have attended college before admission to HCC, you may use the transfer student procedure to fulfill the assessment/placement requirement. The Registrar may award semester credit(s) and exemption from one or all parts of the COMPASS if the transcripts reflect courses equivalent to English 101, a transferable mathematics course, or course(s) that show reading readiness.

Your initial COMPASS assessment is free. There is a retest fee of $20 if the COMPASS class placement was not completed, or the COMPASS scores are less than two years old, or if you did not enroll in any classes after completing COMPASS the first time. The fee is for one, two, or three components. Once a student has taken COMPASS, it may not be taken again for six weeks.  Students who provide COMPASS scores from another institution do so with the understanding that HCC accepts raw scores, not class placements.

COMPASS Tutorials

COMPASS Reading Tutorial

COMPASS Writing Tutorial

COMPASS Math Tutorial

Online Grammar Tutorial

Online Math Tutorial

Online Reading Comprehension Tutorial

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Martha Metcalfe, Coordinator of Assessment and Testing
Office: Hopkinsville Campus, Technology Center, Room 202, 720 North Drive, PO Box 2100
Hopkinsville, KY 42241
Phone: (270) 707-3826

Sherlene Mendiola, Coordinator of Assessment and Testing
Office: Fort Campbell Campus, National Testing Center
SSG Glenn English Army Education Center, Bldg 202 Bastogne Ave., Room 1218, 2nd Floor
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
Phone: (270) 707-3970