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Registering for Classes

Our goal is to make registering for classes as easy and convenient as possible. We want to provide you maximum assistance as a first-time student while helping you gradually learn the tools necessary to successfully utilize Student Self-service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

As a first-time student, you will receive one-on-one registration assistance. After your initial class registration, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your assigned faculty advisor to complete a MAP (My Academic Plan) which will serve as your guide to completing your educational goal. Once your MAP is filed with the Advising Center, we will activate your Student Self-Service registration access. Student Self-service tutorial videos are available for your convenience. Additionally, you may contact a member of the Student Services Team to assist you at any time you have questions.

To find a list of available classes, you are encouraged to use the KCTCS Class Search feature available in your Student Self-Service account. The KCTCS Class Search feature lists classes real-time and displays courses from all sixteen KCTCS colleges. You may also use the HCC Class Schedule on our website, but keep in mind that it is only updated once every 24 hours.

To create your User Account Center, please refer to the following instructions: HCC User Account Creation Instructions.

Hopkinsville Campus Registration 

Two important registration dates to remember each academic year are March 1 and October 1. Students with MAPs on file may begin registering for Summer Semester and Fall Semester classes on March 1. Students with MAPs on file may begin registering for Spring Semester classes on October 1. The Fort Campbell Campus maintains a different registration schedule and is described in detail below.

Fort Campbell Campus Registration

If you plan to enroll in classes at the Fort Campbell Campus, remember that the Fort Campbell Campus maintains a different registration schedule than the Hopkinsville Campus. The Fort Campbell Campus offers five 8-week terms throughout the year: January, March, May, August, and October. The following is the typical timeline, but you can view the Fort Campbell Registration Dates.

  • Active duty soldiers may register via the GoArmyEd Portal eight (8) weeks prior to the start of the term. You may contact - 270-707-3976 or - 270-707-3958.
  • Continuing/returning students who have filed MAPs may register three (3) weeks prior to the start of the term.
  • New students to Hopkinsville Community College - Fort Campbell Campus are required to attend one of our Enable advising sessions prior to enrolling in courses. Please contact 270-707-3810 or 270-707-3976 to ensure your seat early.